Order of the Black Dog
#38 Getting Along • Monday, February 7, 2011
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My heterosexual room mate got along alarmingly well with my boyfriend, who spent most of the week shirtless on my bed.

I am experimenting with ChipIn this week. It's that blue box to your right, above my Twitter. If, by Saturday, I receive $50 in donations, I'll make a third Ballerina Mafia comic - with a voting joke and everything - and post it the next Friday.

If this ends up being successful, I may make it a weekly thing, and might make more rewards for higher totals (desktop backgrounds maybe). It uses PayPal, so most of you should already be able to donate.

Edit: Well, I expected fans to fritter around for a while before reaching my $50 goal, but you guys got me there in three hours. Thanks guys! Rather than waiting for next week, there will be an extra comic this Friday, at which point I'll start a new donation campaign (50 bucks again) for the next Friday. Let's make this a weekly deal.