Order of the Black Dog
#85 Commander Matthew Shepard • Wednesday, June 8, 2011
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I don't think I have many friends who aren't obsessed with the Mass Effect series or giddily anticipating the third game. BioWare has created expectations of titanic proportions, and with talk of a Mass Effect movie and an MMO, the ending of the trilogy could stand the one of the most significant - or most disappointing - video games for a long, long time.

The news about gay relationships in Mass Effect 3 is confirmed, and certainly old news for anyone keeping updated with the game. When I drew this comic (Saturday! or maybe Sunday), the Kinect support was merely a rumor, and most of us just assumed it was some funny glitch. E3, however, proved to everyone that it will be using the mic in the Kinect to let you command your troops. Interesting, but that's not the type of game I want to play. It seems like it will be fun to at least try it out, so I'm wondering if it will be just for the Kinect, or if computers with mics will be able to use the function as well.