Order of the Black Dog

About Ballerina Mafia

Ballerina Mafia is the third webcomic by Immelmann - me! - and currently my only webcomic, now that Concession is over. It's a "gag-a-day" comic, meaning it's not supposed to have plots or anything, just a new joke every day. The original intention was to have no recurring characters and for most appearances to be one-time and anonymous, but I quickly decided to keep some returning furs - mainly myself and my friends, all of whom are based on real people and used with their permission (they even pick their own animals, although most of them aren't furries).

About the Comic:

This is essentially meant to be the opposite of Concession, which wound up being a serious drama comic with long-running plots and very controversial subject matter. Ballerina Mafia certainly wont' be kid-friendly, but I'll be avoiding some of the subjects that would make a lot of people uncomfortable. This comic will serve again as the opposite of my main comic once I launch my next major webcomic project later this year (Ballerina Mafia will keep going of course!)

The world of Ballerina Mafia is a sort of hybrid between the Concession canon and real life. The stories and comics regarding characters from Concession are usually canon and should be considered additions or continuations of themes from Concession. The comics involving Immelmann and his friends exist in the sort of half-way point, as they concern real-life events and may refer to Immelmann having created or drawn the characters in Concession.

About the Author:

As for me: I'm an artist in Massachusettes, near-ish to Boston, and am a college graduate, majored in Graphic Art. My art is currently my sole source of income, either from the store, commissions, or the donation bar here on Ballerina Mafia. I've been a furry for years now - you can find more of my art on FurAffinity, or InkBunny if you prefer. There are more links on the right side of this site.

My favorite comics are ones like xkcd, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Chainsawsuit, Pictures for Sad Children, Nedroid, Gunshow, so if you like Ballerina Mafia, you should look at those too.

Ballerina Mafia runs on the Lilith Webcomic System, created by Lexy. Special thanks to Rowedahelicon for help on the Archives page.

Want to get in touch with me? You can send an e-mail to immelmann42@gmail.com and I may respond within a few days. Sometimes I procrastinate it though. You can also chat with me on Furnet using your favorite IRC program. Just connect to irc.furnet.org and join the channel #orderofthepangolin and depending on the time of day, I'll probably be there.