Order of the Black Dog
#98 H.P. Tarotcraft • Wednesday, July 27, 2011
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I don't believe in divination, but I am 14 years old, so a Necronomicon Tarot Deck is still interesting to me. It requires a very specific card arrangement that Eecho didn't remember, so we didn't actually get any good readings from it that night. I went and boguht my own, so maybe I'll accidentally summon something in my bedroom.

Interested in the deck? You can get it on Amazon, or try other bookstores if you have a gift certificate or something. Bought mine at Barnes and Noble.

EDIT: OF COURSE I'M NOT ACTUALLY 14 GUYS C'MON USE YOUR BRAINS. It's a joke about my immature tastes. Christ, I didn't think it was that convoluted of a joke.